St. Paul Dentist Puts Patients At Ease Using NuCalm

Written by Drs. Mark and Rachel Malterud on Oct 20, 2015

We understand that, for many people, undergoing dental treatment can be a scary and anxiety-producing proposition. Our dental team firmly believes that the marvels of modern dentistry can help patients stay comfortable and calm in the dentist’s chair. That is why we are so proud to offer NuCalm® therapy in our St. Paul dental practice.

This short article is going to give you an overview of how NuCalm® works and whom it can help.

What is NuCalm®?

NuCalm®is an all-natural, multi-faceted protocol that turns dental treatment into a refreshing, calming experience. This therapy combines four different components to deliver results:

1. First you will take a dietary supplement to help minimize the amount of adrenaline that floods your system. Your dentist may also apply a NuCalm® topical cream to further counteract your body’s stress response.

2. Then, your dentist will place small microcurrent stimulation patches behind your ears. The gentle microcurrent energy helps your body relax.

3. The next step is very simple—you just pop on some noise-lessening headphones! These headphones are going to play a specific neuroacoustic tones that help you fall into a “pre-sleep” state.

4. Finally, you’ll cover your eyes with a comfortable light-blocking eye mask. This eye mask will keep you from being distracted by unnecessary visual stimuli.

Once all of these components are in place, you will be lulled into a pre-sleep state, so that you can breeze through dental treatment. Patients report that, using NuCalm®, they feel relaxed and stress-free throughout the dental treatment process.

Because, NuCalm® is all-natural, this treatment protocol is suitable for patients of many ages, with various dental needs. And, patients start to feel the effects of NuCalm® just a few minutes after starting treatment.

Ready to learn more about what NuCalm® can do for you and your family? Give our St. Paul relaxation dentists a call! We look forward to meeting with you!