Perio Protect® in Saint Paul, MN

Perio Protect®

Perio Protect® is an FDA approved therapy designed to promote oral health and treat existing gum disease. Perio Protect® combines mechanical and chemical therapies to minimize plaque, tartar, and harmful oral bacteria. Here is how it works:

  1. Our team completes an assessment of your smile to determine the extent of infection and dental damage
  2. We then take impressions of your teeth
  3. We use these impressions to craft custom upper and lower dental trays for you
  4. We will prescribe a specially formulated antimicrobial medication to meet your needs
  5. You will then wear your trays with the medication as recommended by our team (this maximizes the amount of time that antimicrobial agents and antioxidants stay in contact with your teeth and oral tissues)
  6. You will come into the office on a regular basis so that we can determine the efficacy of your current treatment protocol

Every Perio Protect® case is different; you may need to wear your perio trays twice a day for ten minutes each time, or three times a day for 15 minutes: it all depends on the current condition of your smile.

Perio Protect® has been shown to neutralize bacteria, decrease inflammation, lessen oral tissue bleeding, and soften tartar so that our team can clear it away. This treatment not only helps you retain teeth and healthy jawbone tissue; it also promotes whole-body wellness. Because your gum tissue is a gateway to your bloodstream, it vitally important that you keep these tissues healthy and minimize inflammation.

What Our Patients Are Saying

After working with Dr. Malterud for a couple of weeks to get the right fit for my NTI, the results are great. I may still get a headache but only for a few hours and not severe.

— Judy Wiedl

It's hard to believe that something so small could change my life in such a big way. I have been pain free without drugs or surgery for years now. My teeth have been saved from more damage because I don't grind them any more.

— Therese L

Mark is the absolute best. I recommend him and his team to everyone. No matter where I live in the world, our family will always use his services. Worth traveling the world over for. Thanks Mark!

— Tony Z.

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