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When you lose a tooth, the aesthetic changes to your smile are immediately visible. However, tooth loss also contributes to a number of adverse oral health problems that may not be noticeable right away. Prompt biomimetic tooth replacement treatment will help you restore your smile and protect your oral health.

Our restorative dental team at the Minnesota Center for Minimally Invasive Dentistry offer state-of-the-art dental implant treatment to get your smile back on track.

What is a dental implant?

The defining feature of the dental implant is a titanium post or screw that replaces the patient’s natural tooth root. Remember, every one of your teeth extends into your gum tissue and jawbone. When you lose a tooth, you aren’t only losing the visible crown, you’re losing the root as well.

Dental implants are designed to replace the entire tooth. Our team starts with a titanium “tooth root,” and then use this as a foundation for your customized restoration. Over time, through a process called osseointegration, your natural bone tissue will actually bond with the titanium implant root. The result is a stable, permanent replacement tooth that actually supports optimal oral health.

Now that we understand the basics of dental implant technology, let’s take a look at how our St. Paul dental implant dentists utilize it.

Once treatment is complete you’ll be able to jump back into your regular routine. You will care for your dental implants just as you care for your natural teeth!

At the Minnesota Center for Minimally Invasive Dentistry we use the latest technology to provide our patients with efficient, effective dental implant care. Using innovative Cone Beam CT X-ray technology, we can create 3D images of your teeth and bones, along with traditional 2D digital bitewings. Cone Beam technology allows us to better plan and complete dental implant treatment. We also use this technology to identify dental problems in their earliest stages, which enables fast, effective treatment.

Benefits of Cone Beam technology include:

  • Faster scan time compared to traditional X-rays
  • Detailed 3D scan results, which provide our dental team with more information about your dental health, and allow us to better prepare for dental implant placement
  • Increased safety—Cone Beam scans emit significantly less radiation than traditional scans

When replacing a single tooth, our implant dentists will first place a titanium screw to serve as the tooth root. Once the surrounding jaw tissue has healed we will attach an abutment to the titanium root, and then cap the abutment with a customized restoration. This process can be replicated as many times as necessary in order to replace any number of missing teeth.

It is now possible to permanently hold a denture or bridge in place using just a few strategically placed implant roots. This is an especially attractive treatment option for patients who need to replace consecutive teeth or even a full smile. Once your dental prosthesis is attached to the implant roots, you’ll have a long-lasting, stable smile.

Our dental team also employs implant technology to hold removable dental prostheses, like dentures, in place. An Implant Overdenture is sometimes referred to as a “Snap-on Denture,” because it is designed to “snap” into place over dental implant roots. Implant Overdentures are removable, which some patients prefer for hygienic reasons.

Real Patients. Real Results.

Why MCMID is St. Paul's first choice for dental implant dentistry:

Trust Experience

Our team has over 24 years of experience placing and restoring dental implants in St. Paul. We have helped people just like you eat, drink, and talk with ease with stunning dental implants. You can have a natural-looking, functional, and long-lasting smile! Substantive dental implant experience allows Dr. Malterud to teach other dentists around the country how to place and restore dental implants.

One Stop Shop for Dental Treatment

Dr. Mark and Dr. Rachel can treat a wide array of your dental problems in our accessible St. Paul office. From customized dental implants to TMJ treatment to teeth whitening, you’ll get the quality comprehensive care you need quickly and conveniently.

Patient-Driven Care

Our dental team puts patient comfort and customer service first. From the moment you walk into our office the friendly atmosphere will put you at ease and make you feel comfortable.

What Our Patients Are Saying

After working with Dr. Malterud for a couple of weeks to get the right fit for my NTI, the results are great. I may still get a headache but only for a few hours and not severe.

— Judy Wiedl

It's hard to believe that something so small could change my life in such a big way. I have been pain free without drugs or surgery for years now. My teeth have been saved from more damage because I don't grind them any more.

— Therese L

Mark is the absolute best. I recommend him and his team to everyone. No matter where I live in the world, our family will always use his services. Worth traveling the world over for. Thanks Mark!

— Tony Z.

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