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Keep Up with Your Schedule of Semi-Annual Dental Appointments

Prevention & Prompt Care Can Make All the Difference!

The cornerstone of biological dental care is the semi-annual dental appointment with our team. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that both adult and pediatric patients schedule oral health check-ups every six months. Some people may need to come in more frequently, especially those with diabetes or periodontal disease

These appointments are so important; because they allow our dental team to:

  • Inspect your smile for damage
  • Complete an oral cancer screening
  • Take digital X-rays
  • Perform a bite analysis
  • Check for signs of emerging gum disease
  • Thoroughly clean your smile of plaque and tartar
  • Help you perfect your at-home dental routine
  • Update your dental records

Many people are surprised at just how much better their smiles look and feel after a comprehensive cleaning. Because oral bacteria produce unpleasant odors, a thorough professional cleaning can also help you beat chronic bad breath.

As biological dentists, Dr. Mark and Dr. Rachel prioritize preventive care and prompt treatment of developing dental damage. When an oral health issue does arise, early intervention can make all the difference.

Why do people trust the Minnesota Center for Minimally Invasive Dentistry for cleanings and exams?

Top Technology

At MCMID we use state-of-the-art technologies to help our patients achieve healthy and attractive smiles. Ozone Therapy, for example, uses natural O3 gas to clean your. We only use mercury-free composite fillings and high quality porcelain restorations. We are at the forefront of dental technology so that you can enjoy comfortable, efficient dental care.

Treatment for Everyone

We treat both adult and pediatric patients, which means your whole family can be treated in our conveniently located office. Our team offers flexible scheduling options to fit your life and schedule.

Long-Term Planning

During your regularly scheduled appointments, our team will collaborate with you to make a long-term dental treatment plan. Because we offer comprehensive care, which takes your whole body into account, building a treatment or maintenance plan is important for dental and overall wellbeing.

What Our Patients Are Saying

After working with Dr. Malterud for a couple of weeks to get the right fit for my NTI, the results are great. I may still get a headache but only for a few hours and not severe.

— Judy Wiedl

It's hard to believe that something so small could change my life in such a big way. I have been pain free without drugs or surgery for years now. My teeth have been saved from more damage because I don't grind them any more.

— Therese L

Mark is the absolute best. I recommend him and his team to everyone. No matter where I live in the world, our family will always use his services. Worth traveling the world over for. Thanks Mark!

— Tony Z.

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