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Welcome to the Minnesota Center for Minimally Invasive Dentistry, your home for biological dental care! Dr. Mark Malterud and Dr. Rachel Malterud are here to help you achieve and maintain a healthy, attractive smile using minimally invasive and non-surgical dental treatments.

Biological dentistry is about so much more than just your smile. Our St. Paul dentists understand that oral health issues can impact your overall wellbeing; we take your whole-body health into account when crafting treatment plans.

The key thing to remember about biological dentistry is that it prioritizes the oral systemic connection: the way that your dental health affects your body as a whole. Untreated gum disease, for example, is often linked to heart disease and diabetes. When you take good care of your smile, you maximize your body’s ability to heal and fight infections.

Our practice is passionate about conservative, minimally invasive, preventive dentistry that preserves healthy teeth.

At MCMID we provide minimally invasive and non-surgical treatment solutions for everything from tooth loss to periodontal disease. Our St. Paul dental team is also adamant about preventive treatments; it is always better to avoid oral health issues altogether, rather than treating them after the fact.

If, however, you are already dealing with dental problems, our Saint Paul restorative dentists are here to repair existing damage. We use dental bonding, porcelain crowns, mercury-free fillings, dentures, and dental implants to restore, and even rebuild, smiles.

There is also a cosmetic component to biological dentistry. Our goal is to refine your smile so that it functions optimally; well-structured smiles are more attractive than those that are uneven and damaged. Dental bonding, custom veneers, and composite fillings all treat dental damage while simultaneously improving dental aesthetics.

As a biological dental practice, we believe in maintaining as much of your healthy smile as possible during treatment. That’s why timely treatment and preventive care are so important; they empower you and our dentists to recognize and treat dental damage before it becomes severe. 

There are no “one-size-fit-all” treatments at the Minnesota Center for Minimally Invasive Dentistry. All of our patients are unique, so their respective treatment plans are customized to suit their individual needs. The best way to get started is with a personal consultation with our Saint Paul dentists. To learn more about what biological dentistry can do for you, give us a call at (651) 699-2822 or schedule an appointment here. We look forward to speaking with you!

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