Saint Paul Invisalign Dentist Explains the Need for Retainers after Invisalign Treatment

Written by Drs. Mark and Rachel Malterud on Jun 19, 2012

The main concern people have about the need for braces is the aesthetic effect that metalwork will on their smile. However, Invisalign aligners offer a “clear” alternative that straightens the teeth quickly without using any metal.

However, during consultations with patients at Saint Paul Invisible Braces office about treatment with Invisalign, many are surprised to discover that retainers need to be worn once the alignment portion of treatment is finished. But it’s important to understand that wearing retainers is an essential part of Invisalign treatment.

Teeth are always moving to some degree even though you may not realize it. This is occurring whether or not you’ve had treatment with Invisalign aligners.  The alignment portion of treatment is only part of the process. The retainer provided by your Highland Park Saint Paul Invisalign Dentist must be worn in order to prevent your teeth from drifting. Going without your retainer for even a short amount of time gives your teeth the freedom to shift and potentially cause them to become misaligned.

At the conclusion of Invisalign treatment, you have the option of one of two types of retainers: fixed and removable. As the names suggest, the retainer can either be permanently attached or is removable. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Both options will reviewed to identify the retainer that offers the best solution for you.

Depending on the type and extent of alignment problems involved, some cases may need to be retained longer than others. As a result, in these cases retention becomes more critical. Your Invisalign dentist is trained in the use of these clear aligners and is in the best position to decide which approach will be beneficial for you.

Once you complete your Invisalign treatment, it is not only necessary to wear retainers; it just makes good common sense to view retention as necessary part of your treatment. You’ve already made the investment of time and money to obtain a beautiful, even smile. Taking responsibility for completion of your treatment ensures that your beautiful new smile will last a lifetime.