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St. Paul Dentist Describes Dental Implant Exam

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St. Paul Dentist Describes Dental Implant Exam

All dental procedures must start with a thorough examination by your dental professional. In the case of dental implants, we look for a specific set of indicators to decide if you are a good candidate for dental implants.

Visual Exam

One of the first areas we look at during the dental implant exam is the condition of the bone where the dental implant will be placed. Our Highland Park, MN Implant Dentist will perform a visual exam of the jawbone to determine if the area in which the dental implant is to be placed has sufficient strength and density to accommodate the implant.

Dental X-Rays

After we visually examine and measure the jawbone, we will take x-raysHighland Park St. Paul Dental Care will be happy to answer any other questions you may have or to describe the process in more detail.

Evaluation of Bone

We must evaluate the quality of the jawbone by evaluating the shape of the bone (both width and height). We do this in order to determine if there is adequate mass of bone and that this bone is of sufficient density to create a strong root structure with the dental implant fixture.

It’s possible that we will find that the bone in the region of the planned dental implant is not adequate. This deficiency can result from bone resorption (bone loss) that takes place in areas of the jaw bone where teeth have been extracted. This condition occurs most often where multiple teeth were extracted many years previously.

Other Considerations

As your implant dentist proceeds through the exam, he or she will search for other potential complications, such as the location of sinuses, nerves, blood vessels and the roots of adjacent teeth. The dentist must also evaluate gum tissue in the area to ensure that it is healthy and free of disease such as periodontitis.

Highland Park St. Paul Dental Care will be happy to answer any other questions you may have or to describe the process in more detail.

Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry Highland Park St. Paul

We’re using innovative laser dentistry to provide you with fast, effective, and comfortable treatment!

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Laser Dentistry Machine Used by Dr. Malterud

With laser dentistry more patients than ever before are getting the treatment they need comfortably and quickly. Our office uses the revolutionary Lightwalker Laser to treat a number of common dental problems.

With the Lightwalker Laser we:

  • Treat periodontal disease (also known as gum disease)
  • Eliminate cavities and prepare teeth for fillings
  • Perform root canals
  • Treat cold sores and canker sores
  • Improve the appearance of the smile with cosmetic dentistry
Diagram of Laser Dentistry by Dr. Malterud in Saint Paul, MN

Laser dentistry has a number of important advantages over traditional treatment methods. Laser dentistry is appropriate for a wide number of patients, including children and patients with dental phobias.

Here are some of the benefits of using the Lightwalker Laser:

  • Laser treatment is very comfortable, in fact many patients don't require any anesthesia during laser treatment.
  • The laser is quiet—no drilling sounds!
  • There is minimal bleeding with laser treatment.
  • No cutting or stitches.
  • Using a laser, Dr. Malterud can be more precise than with traditional instruments. This means that we can preserve more of your healthy tooth structure when placing fillings or performing root canals—keeping your teeth stronger for years to come.

Using the Lightwalker Laser we're able to offer our patients effective, efficient treatment for a wide number of dental problems. If you have questions about whether laser dentistry may benefit you, feel free to contact us by phone at (651) 925-2644 or schedule an appointment online.


NuCalm Dentistry Highland Park St. Paul

Get the Relaxing, Comfortable Dental Treatment You Need With All-Natural NuCalm®!

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Get the Relaxing, Comfortable Dental Treatment You Need With All-Natural NuCalm®!

NuCalm®, what’s that?

NuCalm® a completely natural relaxation protocol that helps dental patients remain comfortable during dental treatment. After using NuCalm® patients leave our office feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

How does it work?

NuCalm® treatment combines a few different techniques to relax the patient. The purpose of NuCalm® is to coax the patient into the first stage of sleep. NuCalm® is designed to shift brain waves from high frequency beta brain waves (wakefulness) to lower frequency alpha/theta waves (deep relaxation).

What exactly happens during treatment?

There are four consecutive steps to NuCalm®:

  • First you’ll take a dietary supplement. This supplement helps to counteract the effects of adrenaline in your body.
  • Next, our dental team will attach small microcurrent stimulation patches behind your ears. Low-level electrical currents facilitate your body’s relaxation response.
  • Then, you’ll put on a pair of noise-dampening headphones. These headphones play soothing music that has been optimized calming neuroacoustic tones. As you listen to these sounds, you’ll fall deeper into a stage of pre-sleep.
  • The final step is for you to put on light blocking glasses. These glasses are so important—they help you block out distractions and potentially stressful stimuli!

It takes only moments for the effects of NuCalm® to kick in—you’ll notice the difference right away!

Why choose NuCalm®?

Dental patients of all ages choose NuCalm® because it:

  • Is effective
  • Is completely natural
  • Starts working in minutes
  • Doesn’t include any medications or narcotics
  • Does not require the patient to receive injections
  • Does not incapacitate you physically or mentally (you’re never unconscious)
  • Is free from side effects—you won’t have to wait for the effects to wear off post-treatment
  • Is relaxing and rejuvenating

NuCalm® is suitable for all kinds of dental patients, and it is great for those people who avoid dental treatment due to fear and anxiety.

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