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Are you frustrated with outdated dentures that don’t fit properly and cause irritation and discomfort when you speak and chew? Discomfort may not be the only problem, as they can cause your face to wrinkle, sag, and making you look older. If your old dentures are inhibiting your ability to eat and chew properly, they probably also make you feel self-conscious. But you'll be happy to know that the St. Paul Dentures Dentist may have the solution you’ve been looking for.

Enjoy a Beautiful Natural-Looking Smile

Today’s dentures are a far cry from the clunky, uncomfortable “false teeth” of years gone by. Advances in modern dentistry have changed the way dentures are created. Today’s dentures are fabricated using comfortable materials that are flexible and significantly minimize the kind of irritation that denture-wearers have experienced in the past.

The St. Paul Dentures Dentist takes pride in designing dentures that are custom-made to fit your smile, the shape of your face, and your natural jaw line. The result is a set of dentures that are comfortable and look great – dentures that actually enhance your appearance.
What are Dentures?

Dentures are a prosthetic that act as replacement teeth. There are various types of dentures that are available to give you back a whole and healthy smile:

  • Partial dentures are designed to act as a placeholder that fills the space left by missing teeth. They perform the important function of preventing surrounding teeth from drifting into the empty space. Of course, they are also an effective aesthetic solution that greatly improves your appearance.
  • Complete dentures are used when all of your teeth are missing.
  • Immediate dentures are used when all teeth have been removed. They act as an aesthetic solution that provides the patient with temporary replacement teeth while they wait for their mouth to heal after removal of the teeth.
  • Conventional dentures are placed only after the patient’s gums have been allowed to heal after teeth are removed.

Having dentures placed usually requires several visits. Your dentist starts by taking x-rays, impressions, and precise measurements of your teeth to ensure a comfortable fit and natural appearance. The dentures will be fit and adjusted over the next few visits to achieve the perfect fit and natural look you are comfortable with.

How long do dentures usually last?

Dentures are custom-made to fit your mouth comfortably and perfectly. Immediately after placement, your dentures will have a snug fit. With the passing of time, however, the contours of your jaw line and gums can change, causing some denture wearers discomfort. Over time these changes can cause your dentures to become uncomfortable, sometimes even causing blisters or sores in your mouth.

Regular visits to St. Paul, MN Dentures Dentist are the best way to prevent this movement from causing you severe discomfort. We will evaluate your dentures at each visit so that we can monitor these subtle changes as they occur. Routine wear and tear along with the natural changes that occur in your mouth as you age will require that most dentures are adjusted or even need to be partially remade every several years.

What are ‘Immediate’ Dentures?

Your dentist will place Immediate dentures immediately after your teeth are extracted. Immediate dentures are custom-fit to your mouth; however, as the healing process moves forward, the contour of your gums will change. In order to properly fit the changing contours through the healing process, Immediate dentures must be adjusted after healing is complete in order to properly fit the new contours of your mouth.

Do modern dentures require adhesive?

A denture that is properly fitted may not need denture adhesive to keep them in place. But many denture-wearers learn that the added security of using an adhesive will provide additional confidence that your dentures will stay in place. Highland Park, St. Paul Dentures Dentistry will be happy to recommend an effective adhesive.

Does it take long to get used to dentures?

Of course, your dentures will feel different from your natural teeth. Even the most comfortable dentures require a period of adjustment as you get used to the new sensations. We usually advise new denture-wearers to eat soft or liquid foods as they become accustomed to chewing. There is also a period of adjustment as you get used to speaking with your new dentures, but within a few weeks the dentures will feel like a natural part of your mouth.

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