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St. Paul, MN General Dentist Discusses Benefits of Laser Dentistry


As people become more educated about changes in modern dentistry, an increasing number of patients are taking advantage of laser dentistry services. Laser dentistry office allows patients to obtain appropriate treatment comfortably and quickly. Our St. Paul, MN General Dentist office uses cutting-edge laser equipment to treat a wide variety of the most common dental issues.

Laser dentistry has been proven to be effective for:

  • Treating periodontal (gum) disease
  • Removing cavities
  • Performing root canals
  • Treating cold sores and canker sores
  • Safely and effectively enhancing your smile through cosmetic dentistry
Laser dentistry offers many benefits over traditional dentistry in a number of important areas.

  • Laser dentistry can be safely used to treat patients who have special needs or concerns like children and adult patients with dental phobias.
  • In most cases, the use of any type of anesthesia is unnecessary during laser treatment as it is very comfortable.
  • There is no noisy drilling sounds that tend to enhance the dental phobia that some patients and young children experience.
  • Laser dentistry requires no invasive cutting of gum tissue so there is minimal bleeding and no stitches are needed.
Through the use of laser dentistry your St. Paul, Highland Park, MN Dentist can be more precise than with instruments used in traditional dentistry. The benefit to you is that we are able to preserve more of the healthy tooth structure when filling teeth or performing root canal therapy. This, in turn, helps to keep your teeth stronger as you age.
Through laser dentistry we can provide our patients with efficient, comfortable dental treatment. Please contact our office for a free consultation so we can discuss the ways in which laser dentistry may benefit you.

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