St. Paul, MN Dentures Dentist Answers Common Denture Questions

Written by Drs. Mark and Rachel Malterud on Mar 10, 2015

Will my new dentures last a long time?

Dentures are custom-made to conform to your mouth comfortably and perfectly. Right after placement, your dentures will possess a snug fit. As time passes the contours of your jaw line and gums can alter, causing some denture wearers discomfort. Over time these fluctuations may cause your dentures to come to be uncomfortable, in some cases even causing blisters or sores inside your mouth.

Frequent visits to the St. Paul, MN Dentures Dentist offer the best solution to avoid this movement from causing you severe discomfort. We will evaluate your dentures at each and every visit to ensure that we are able to monitor these subtle variations as they happen. Routine wear, together with the normal changes that take place inside your mouth as you age will call for most dentures to be adjusted or perhaps have to be partially remade after a number of years.

What are ‘Immediate’ Dentures?

Your dentist places ‘immediate’ dentures quickly after your teeth are extracted. Immediate dentures are customized to fit your mouth; nevertheless, while the healing period moves forward, the contour of one’s gums will adjust. To be able to effectively fit the changing contours by way of the healing process, ‘immediate’ dentures should be adjusted after healing is total so as to fit effectively.

Will I need adhesive for my dentures?

A denture that’s appropriately fitted may perhaps not require denture adhesive to keep them stable. But many denture-wearers understand that the added security of employing an adhesive will offer extra confidence that your dentures will remain in place. Your Highland Park, MN General Dentist will advise an efficient adhesive for you to use in this case.

How difficult is it to adjust to having dentures?

Of course, your dentures will really feel strange compared to your natural teeth. Even the most comfortable dentures need a period of adjustment as you get accustomed to the new sensations. We usually advise new denture-wearers to eat soft or liquid foods as they get used to chewing. There is also a period of adjustment as you learn to speak with your new dentures, but within some weeks the dentures will really feel like a natural part of your mouth.