St. Paul General Dentist Helps Patients Relax with NuCalm Sedation Dentistry

Written by Drs. Mark and Rachel Malterud on Nov 10, 2015

In traditional sedation dentistry, many dentists choose controlled substances to help their nervous patients relax. Thanks to the NuCalm system, used by the St. Paul General Dentist, we no longer need to use drugs to sedate our most anxious patients. NuCalm is a proven, safe, chemical-free, sedation-dentistry system. We don’t inject drugs, and we don’t use laughing gas.

NuCalm is a comprehensive system that consists of dietary supplements, a cranial electrical stimulation (CES) device, calming music with neuroacoustic sound, and light-blocking glasses that reduce distractions.

How NuCalm Works

At the beginning of a dental appointment, our dentist or another member of our professional team will administer the NuCalm system using four steps:

  1. We’ll give you chewable dietary supplements that are formulated to help you relax by counteracting the effects of adrenalin. A nervous person’s body produces adrenalin, which amplifies the nervousness.
  2. Next, NuCalm microcurrent electrode patches are placed behind your ears, connects wires from the electrodes to the CES device, and then turns it on. The gentle, low current helps the patient feel calm and happy.
  3. We give you a pair of NuCalm noise-cancelling headphones, connected to an MP3 player that plays neuroacoustic software, a mixture of soothing music and computer-generated sound to add to your relaxation.
  4. Finally, NuCalm light-blocking glasses limit visual distractions so you can relax more easily and completely.
The Benefits of NuCalm

The NuCalm system benefits both patients and their dentists. For example:

  • The near-sleep state induced by the NuCalm system helps you stay and unafraid during a dental procedure. Therefore, the St. Paul General Dentist can focus on the procedure without worrying about your anxiety level.
  • Though a patient who is in a near-sleep state can respond to a dentist’s vocal instructions, the patient otherwise ignores most of the procedure. A patient who ignores a procedure tends to worry less about it.
  • A fully relaxed patient is less likely to move unexpectedly. Therefore, injuries to the patient and dentist are less likely.
  • There is no recovery time after a procedure because the NuCalm system is drug free. Therefore the patient can drive immediately.
If you are fearful and reluctant, please give our office a call to learn more about the NuCalm sedation-dentistry system. You will find that you can finally experience pleasant, stress-free dentistry!