Our Saint Paul TMJ Dentist Provides Comprehensive Care

Written by Drs. Mark and Rachel Malterud on Apr 28, 2020

At the Minnesota Center for Minimally Invasive Dentistry we truly believe that every one of our patients should be able to show off attractive, healthy smiles. Our treatment protocol is especially thorough and far reaching, so today our Saint Paul dentists are going to be talking about some of the benefits of our unique treatment philosophy. Keep reading to learn more

 Provide biologic dentistry

Our office is a biologic practice, which means that we always consider how your oral health interacts with whole-body wellness. Additionally, our goal is to optimize the structure and health of your smile, which simultaneously improves your dental aesthetics. We never endorse undergoing a “quick fix” cosmetic treatment that may undermine your long-term oral health.

Offer a range of treatments

We try to keep dental care simple for our patients by offering a full complement of restorative and cosmetic treatments here in our conveniently located practice. From TMJ treatment to dental implants to mercury-free fillings, we have you covered. We also offer flexible scheduling options so that your whole family can get the care they need to stay smiling.

Build long-term treatment plans

Another benefit of working with our team is that we collaborate with you to help you reach your long-term oral health goals. We see the whole picture—including how different treatments can be used in combination to optimize your results. We believe that dental care should not only deliver immediate results that look great, but that it should safeguard your oral health for the future as well.

Even if it has been years since you have been in to see a dentist, our dental team can help you reach your goals. Contact our Saint Paul dental team through our website, or by giving us a call to get started. We look forward to speaking with you!